Mud Logging Analyst

Location: Ndjamena, Chad
Degree: Bachelor’s, Geology
Institute: Université de Douala
Start Date: 2011


Career Profile: Severin


Why did you choose Schlumberger?

“I was familiar with the company because we used Schlumberger tools and software to study well logs at university. I was lucky enough to gain an internship where I met many professionals from the oil world. I developed a great passion and a dream to become a part of it. Schlumberger seemed like a good company to join.”

What’s a typical day as a Mud Logging Analyst?

“I am generally very busy during drilling. I make sure that the equipment I am going to use is in good condition and then describe the samples of rock debris from the Sample Catcher. I ensure that he samples them in accordance with the client's requirements, they are packed correctly and he is working safely.

I enter the data into the system, and check the mud pools and the drilling parameters. I am also responsible for the gas equipment which I inspect whenever necessary. I also assist the Data Analyst, who is my supervisor in the cabin. At the end of the working day, I give a hand over and report to my colleague, who will cover the next shift.”

What about the training?

“The training I received prepared me to be a Mud Logging Analyst. We were given training relating to rigs and components, systems of units and the various types of calculations that we encounter in our work. We also studied Mud Logging Systems, sampling and description work.

It was highly intensive, often quite stressful, and it took major concentration. The instructor, who was a good teacher, enabled us to make progress despite the pressure. It was a challenge to do the training in English – I am a French speaker, but I managed to keep up.”

What was the biggest challenge when you first started?

“Initially, it was quite a challenge to master the job. It requires a lot of dedication.”

How have you developed professionally?

“I quickly understood and mastered my job thanks to the team spirit. With Schlumberger’s policy which favours teamwork and each person's responsibility and importance to take decisions and be innovative, I have felt highly fulfilled. I have had to go through some difficult times of pressure whilst always remaining professional. The training courses and online trainings that Schlumberger provided me with have help feed my thirst for knowledge.”

What do you like best about your job? What do you like least?

“Schlumberger is well regarded in our industry and I enjoy the atmosphere and being part of a professional team. I am surrounded by people from a variety of walks of life but all with the same objective. It has become a second family for me. I dislike when a job well done goes unappreciated as I think everyone needs to feel important every now and then, but that’s life!”

What is the biggest challenge?

“Mastering the Mud Logging System and all its functions.”

What is the most memorable project you have worked on?

“My most memorable project was in Africa, where I was on loan on another field I was not used to working in. I had to work very hard to get up to speed on this unfamiliar project and despite some technical challenges the well was completed as per the client plan. I am very proud of my role in this successful project.”

Do you have any advice for students looking to join Schlumberger?

“My advice to anyone hoping to become a Mud Logging Analyst would be to have an open mind, stay logical and be passionate about your work.”

How do you see your future at Schlumberger?

“I see myself managing a team and also working in service quality to improve our products.”