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Engineering, Manufacturing, and Sustaining

Building and deploying the world's most advanced oilfield equipment and technology

Engineers in our EMS (Engineering, Manufacturing, and Sustaining) organization are always looking for better ways of doing a job. They aim to leverage the latest industry technologies or technologies coming out of our Research organization to produce our high-quality products faster, more efficiently and safely, and at lower costs.

As an EMS Engineer, you may be involved in designing new processes or methodologies. Or you may evaluate existing ones and oversee their implementation. You’ll be in an ideal position to use hands-on engineering to try out new ideas and track the results.

If you hold a PhD,  master’s, or bachelor's degree in computer science, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, manufacturing engineering, industrial engineering, materials, physics, quality, reliability, or supply chain, apply for an EMS position.

See what others say about the position:

Israel Name: Israel Position: Technology Center Manager
Slim Name: Slim Position: Drilling Services Manager
Christine Name: Christine Position: Manufacturing Manager
Ram Name: Ram Position: Petroleum Engineer
Arnaud Name: Arnaud Position: Mechanical Design for Manufacturability Engineer
Morten Name: Morten Position: Software Engineer
Joe Name: Joe Position: Software Architect
Anne Name: Anne Position: Project Manager
 Name: Juho Position: Field Engineer (Tech and Field Program)
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