Chemical Engineer


Our reputation is built on innovative solutions for industry challenges. For example, we engineer fluid systems with chemistries that improve drilling and completion efficiencies, reduce costs, and minimize HSE impact. We customize drilling fluid systems to reduce nonproductive time, even in the most demanding environments. And we improve hydrocarbon recovery with a self-diverting stimulation system employing a novel fiber that forms a network to block production during treatment.

Such innovation requires a knowledge of both science and engineering. As a Chemical Engineer, you’ll play a large role in ensuring our processes are efficient and our solutions are cost effective and meet environmental standards. You’ll solve practical problems and design new processes. Your projects will vary depending on the business segment you join—but will be anything but ordinary.

We’re looking for people who want to explore new ways of solving today’s oilfield services challenges. We need people who are

  • adaptable
  • looking for exposure to a broad range of projects
  • eager to progress quickly
  • good communicators.

If you have a PhD or master’s degree in chemistry or chemical engineering or in a similar discipline, apply for a position as Chemical Engineer.

for Engineering, Manufacturing
and Sustaining position.
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