Electrical Engineer


As an Electrical Engineer, you’ll design, develop, build, test, and support electrical and electronic devices for our advanced oilfield technologies. Equipment that controls tools and provides information from miles below the Earth’s surface must withstand the extreme conditions of depth, temperature, and pressure. Reliability is essential for successful operations and delivery of customer data.

Your projects will be as varied as the industry. You may apply your expertise to enhancing intelligent subsea control systems. Or you may develop new circuits and means of generating power for downhole communication. You’ll not only analyze, design, develop, and maintain products—you’ll also have opportunities to assist in their commercialization.

We’re looking for people who want to explore new ways of solving today’s oilfield services challenges. We need people who are

  • adaptable
  • looking for exposure to a broad range of projects
  • eager to progress quickly
  • good communicators.


If you have a PhD, master’s, or bachelor’s degree in electrical, computer, or electronic engineering or in a similar discipline, apply for a position as Electrical Engineer.

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