Manufacturing Manager

Location: Reservoir Completions Product Center, near Houston, Texas
Degree: Master's, mechanical engineering
Institute: Rice University
Start Date: 2001
"You find out you can do more than you thought you could."


Career Profile: Christine

Just because you are an engineer doesn't mean you don't want to get your hands dirty. In fact, maybe that's why you're an engineer. Like Christine, a manufacturing manager at the Sugar Land Integration Center near Houston, Texas.

"I like to build things," says Christine, who joined Schlumberger in June 2001 after graduating from Rice University, Texas, with a master's degree in mechanical engineering.

"In a Schlumberger product center you get hands-on experience right from the start," she says. "You come straight out of school and have the freedom to innovate and design tools for the customer that will be put in a million dollar well. Now I am looking at the manufacturing side."

"It was challenging to change from being involved with the design of new technology to manufacturing it, but I like it," she adds. "I like to feel that I am contributing, and when I hold something in my hands that I've designed or manufactured, that's rewarding."