Mechanical Engineer


Mechanical Engineers have a crucial role in the continual evolution of our existing oilfield solutions and the efficient commercialization of new ones. A large portion of Schlumberger revenue comes from technologies we’ve introduced during the last five years, and engineering efficiencies in design, development, testing, and manufacturing have helped make this achievement possible. 

Yours is one of the broadest of the engineering disciplines, and your opportunities as a Schlumberger Mechanical Engineer are just as far ranging. You’ll collaborate with Research Scientists as well as Manufacturing Engineers. You may apply your core knowledge to development of components and systems. You may build and test prototypes, support enhancement of existing products, or use engineering principles to advance the efficiencies of our manufacturing processes.

We’re looking for people who enjoy the analysis, design, manufacturing, and maintenance of mechanical systems. We need people who are

  • adaptable and good team players
  • looking for exposure to a broad range of projects
  • eager to progress quickly
  • good communicators.


If you have a PhD, master’s, or bachelor’s degree in mechanical, aerospace, or automotive engineering or in a similar discipline, apply for a position as a Mechanical Engineer.

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