Physicist Engineer


As a Physicist Engineer, using your knowledge of physics and mathematical models, you will design, develop, test, and improve the various sensors (acoustic and electromagnetic) in products and systems for our advanced oilfield technologies. These sensors are tested using multiple temperature and pressure cycles together with shocks and vibration at different frequencies to realistically simulate field conditions. Designing equipment that can withstand these hostile environments is difficult but the real challenge is to deliver high-quality measurements reliably.

No day will be the same at Schlumberger. You may be involved in designing new processes or methodologies for testing. Or you may review existing projects, or assist in customer presentations. You’ll be in an ideal position to use hands-on experimental physics or theoretical models to try out new ideas and track the results.

We’re looking for people who want to explore new ways of solving today’s oilfield services challenges. We need people who are

  • flexible, detail-oriented problem solvers
  • looking for exposure to a broad range of projects
  • self-motivated and want to progress quickly
  • good communicators.

for Engineering, Manufacturing
and Sustaining position.
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