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Field Engineer—Graduate Engineering Careers

Is working as a Field Engineer in oil and gas for you?

Field Engineers are on the front line, involved in every phase of our business—from acquiring the first data needed for drilling decisions to designing plans for long-range development of complex multiwell, multireservoir fields. They provide this data from some of the world’s toughest environments—from the searing heat of Middle Eastern deserts to the numbing cold of Siberian taiga, and from the steamy jungles of Brazil to the typhoon-swept oceans of the South China Sea.

Drilling thousands of meters down into the Earth is an intense and dangerous business. Wells are often in some of the most remote and inhospitable places in the world; this means that our engineers have to be able to adapt. Regardless of the job you do with Schlumberger, all our people are focused on delivering service excellence, no matter what the conditions. We have to be on top of our game 24/7 because the results of our work have multimillion dollar consequences for our clients.

On location, you will normally have to share amenities with your coworkers. Women engineers are still in a minority in our industry, which is why we pay special attention to make sure living conditions are appropriate. However, you must be ready to adapt, take the initiative, and have a healthy sense of humor!

Living and working at a wellsite means the conditions are often extreme and the job is high pressure. But this environment helps bring people together, and the respect and trust that develop between you and colleagues often create friendships that last a lifetime. And it all adds up to the Schlumberger way of life!

Read more about our fixed-step training when starting your career in the field.

If you hold a PhD, master's or bachelor's degree in engineering you can apply for a position as a Field Engineer.

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Jerome Name: Jérome Position: Tech & Field Engineer
Higor Name: Higor Position: Senior Field Engineer
Gregorio Name: Gregorio Position: Field Engineer
Olga Name: Olga Position: Operations Support Engineer
Dean Name: Dean Position: President Drilling Tool & Remedial
Xun Li Name: Xun Li Position: Wireline Operations Manager
Jonathan Name: Jonathan Position: Field Engineer
Peter Name: Peter Position: MWD Engineer
Miguel Name: Miguel Position: Data Engineer
Carina Name: Carina Position: Seismic Engineer
Sarah Name: Sarah Position: Field Engineer
Buna Name: Buna Position: Field Engineer
Chad Name: Chad Position: U.S. East Coast Regional Manager
Matthew Name: Matthew Position: Field Sales Representative
 Name: Sarah-Jayne Position: Drilling Fluids Specialist
 Name: Christelle Position: WIT Sales Manager
 Name: Francoise Position: Senior Drilling Engineer
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Life as a Field Engineer

Working as a Schlumberger field engineer in the drilling domain.Working as a Schlumberger field engineer in the drilling domain.
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