Field Specialist

Is working as a Field Specialist in oil and gas for you?

We work in some of the most inhospitable places in the world. Our Field Specialists adapt to many environments—from wellsites in the North African desert to the biting cold of northern Canada, and from the steamy jungles of Indonesia to remote platforms offshore Brazil.

As a Schlumberger Field Specialist, you’ll go through an initial 5-year fixed-step training program. But the job and the responsibility are real from day one.

All our people are focused on delivering service excellence, no matter what the conditions. We have to be on top of our game 24/7 because the results of our work have multimillion dollar consequences for our clients.

On location, you will normally have to share amenities with your coworkers. Female engineers are still in a minority in our industry, which is why we pay special attention to make sure living conditions are appropriate. However, you need to be flexible and take the initiative, as well as have a healthy sense of humor!

Living and working at a wellsite means the conditions are often extreme and the job is high pressure. But this environment helps bring people together, and the respect and trust that develop between you and colleagues often create friendships that last a lifetime.

If you hold at least a 2-year technical diploma or associate degree, or have military experience, you can apply for a position as a Field Specialist.

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Afira Name: Afira Position: Trainee Mud Logger
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Gohka Name: Gohka Position: Field Specialist
Hassan Name: Hassan Position: Field Specialist
James Name: James Position: Field Specialist
Linda Name: Linda Position: Field Specialist
Malcolm Name: Malcolm Position: Field Specialist
Vikas Name: Vikas Position: Field Specialist
Michael Name: Michael Position: Acquisition Specialist
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