Field Technical Analyst

Is working as a Field Technical Analyst in oil and gas for you?

Our Field Technical Analysts are based at different rig and wellsite locations in the countries and environments where we operate. Just as wells can be in some of the most remote and inhospitable places in the world; so are some of our field positions. This means that you will need to be adaptable and have a healthy sense of humor!

Wellsite Services and Quality

Our Field Technical Analysts are good communicators. They safely manage wellsite services by leveraging our technology, engineering, and analyst communities. They provide high-quality, actionable information to decision-makers 24/7. The pressure to perform is a challenge and there is no room for error; however, our focus on service quality means you will be given the tools and training you will need for success.


Living and working at a wellsite means the lifestyle can be extreme; however, this environment encourages teamwork. The respect and trust that develops often creates friendships that last a lifetime.

Training and Development

Career progression for Field Technical Analysts is more flexible than that of other roles. The pace and intensity of the training program is dictated by you, and can accommodate personal or life changes.

If you hold a bachelor's degree in science (non-engineering disciplines) you can apply for a Field Technical Analyst position.

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