Service quality, teamwork, and excellence

Virtually every technology and service we use in the field is created, developed, and manufactured by Schlumberger people. Innovation is the norm and excellence in service quality is the benchmark.

Learning the job
From your first day working in operations for Schlumberger, you’ll work on actual customer projects and have real responsibility. You’ll be an important part of our team.

Regardless of where you join the company, or in which business line, all our operations personnel go through a training program for the first few years. It can be challenging, both mentally and physically.

Diversity and variety
You may travel to remote places and spend long hours working, especially in the field, but every day brings something new and the rewards of such a job are hard to match.

Are we looking for you?
We’re looking for high-energy, self-motivated women and men with vision.

  • Do you have exceptional problem-solving, communication, leadership, and interpersonal skills?
  • Are you looking for challenges and the opportunity to travel?
  • Are you interested in working for a company that recognizes and rewards you for performance and ambition?

Qualification Matcher

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