Service Desk Analyst

Location: Bogota, Colombia
Degree: Bachelor’s, Electronics Engineering
Institute: Pontificia Universidad Javeriana
Start Date: 2006
"By joining us you will live an enriching experience working in a multicultural team."


Career Profile: Christian

What is it like working for Schlumberger?

“Working for IT in Schlumberger is pretty challenging. In IT, instead of working for external clients, we support our employees, contractors and students, for them to be able to have and use the latest software to make their jobs much easier. We also work as a Global Team, supporting worldwide users and worldwide applications, and this makes the experience even better.”

What kind of training have you received since you joined?

“As a Global Service Desk Analyst, in your first month, you will be trained in all our internal processes within IT (besides the internal Schlumberger training for new employees) and that training, tied with your background as a systems engineer will help us build the support analysts that a company as Schlumberger needs. After this month in training, you will begin to be in touch with our internal customers, at first, giving support with senior analyst guidance while you get some experience in the position.
As a Global Service Desk Analyst you are in a continuous learning process. Almost on a daily basis, you are learning something new: new processes, new applications and also you must do self-training in a timely manner that covers a lot of topics such as networking, software certifications, hardware training and much more.”

Is there anything else you would like to add for people considering applying for an IT job at SLB?

“By joining us you will live an enriching experience working in a multicultural team.”