IT Project Office Team Leader

Location: Paris, France
Degree: Bachelor's, computer systems
Institute: Carleton University
Start Date: 2005
"I strongly believe I am in the right environment to expand my knowledge of IT."


Career Profile: Hany

“I spent most of my childhood in the United Arab Emirates. After finishing my studies abroad, I joined Schlumberger as an IT on-site support engineer, based in Abu Dhabi. Being a support engineer, you learn all of the company systems and tools really quickly, and have to interact with a lot of the employees. The key part of the job is to provide top quality service in the order of priority that makes sense for business purposes, so it is not always easy to please everyone!

“I was promoted twice rather quickly, and then took on the position of IT team lead for the Schlumberger Middle East and Asia flagship learning center in Abu Dhabi. This was a major challenge and a steep learning curve, but I guess I did all right, because here I am now at headquarters in Paris, part of the IT Project Office team in charge of improving our project management tools and surveying our financial processes. 

“During the short time I have spent with the company, I have had to overcome quite a lot of obstacles, and that has been very rewarding. I strongly believe that I am in the right environment to expand my knowledge of IT.”