Global Service Manager

Location: Houston, USA
Degree: Masters, Geology
Institute: Wichita State University
Start Date: 2000
"My current focus is to deliver outstanding business results through service excellence and development of the people in my organization."


Career Profile: Joel

What is it like working for Schlumberger?

“Working for Schlumberger has been a very rewarding experience. In my 13 years with Schlumberger, I have worked in many different roles including, technical consulting for SIS in support of Data and Information Management technologies and services, business and operations manager for SIS in North America and the United Kingdom, and IT onsite user support manager for North and South America. In my current role, I am responsible for the Real Time applications used globally by the various Schlumberger segments. During this time, I have been given many challenging assignments and have enjoyed the rich diversity and challenges presented to me.”

What type of skills do you need for this job?

“In my current role, I believe that leadership skills are the most important. My current focus is to deliver outstanding service quality, implementing a strategy that is focused on the Business, People, Process,and Technology. To do this, I rely on basic principles of fairness, integrity, trust, honest communication, technical training, past experience in the Oil and Gas industry and all that I have learned while working for Schlumberger.”

What does the future hold for your career in Schlumberger?

“I believe that I have the skills and industry experience to continue to contribute in various leadership roles within Schlumberger. I look forward to any role that allows me to contribute to the success of the business and continue to grow professionally, culturally, and personally.”

How has your background in IT helped you?

“I do not have a traditional IT background. Early on in my career working as an Exploration Geologist, I saw the opportunity to apply Information Technology to the field of Geology. I began to focus on the Geosciences and the practical application of computer technology in that field. After completing a Masters degree in Geology, I embarked on an exciting career with Conoco in the research department where I began to learn more about computers and software than I ever thought possible. I have had the opportunity to work in several IT related positions for various companies over my career. I know that from my perspective, the differentiating value that I brought to the job came from my experiences in the oil field and practical knowledge of oil and gas exploration. The more I learned about IT and the concept of delivering IT services to the organization, the more significant my contributions became.”

Why did you join Schlumberger?

“While working for Conoco, I managed a couple of projects where I implemented Schlumberger technology and software solutions. During these engagements with Schlumberger I met many bright hard working people. I found the technology and services that Schlumberger offered very exciting, fast paced and full of challenges that I had not experienced before. I wanted to be a part of that. My professional goals were very much aligned with the opportunities I saw in Schlumberger. When the opportunity came to join Schlumberger, I accepted the challenge and have enjoyed the last 13 years being a part of Schlumberger family.”