Country Supply Chain Manager

Location: Chad
Degree: Bachelor’s, International Economics
Institute: Washington State University
Start Date: 2009
"Get ready for a wild ride! This is the toughest job you’ll ever love!"


Career Profile: Matt


“We are a 24/7 operation in Chad, and we start each morning with a team meeting: We ensure all safety assessments are up to date, address client concerns, and review team issues. The team then spends the rest of the day looking at operational issues, such as the sourcing and procurement of a new product or service, moving a product from Point A to Point B, customs clearance, or inventory management.

“A large part of my daily role, like that of any manager, is focusing on company objectives and personnel development. Our team has three guiding principles we focus on daily: First is safety, which is on everyone’s mind every minute of the day. Second is service quality: Our goal to have a best-in-class supply chain organization in Chad, so we focus daily on efficiency gains and continuous improvement.

“Third is ethics—we represent Schlumberger, and we take this privilege very seriously. I am ultimately responsible for ensuring we follow these principles.”

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