Scientific Advisor

Location: Schlumberger Cambridge Research Center, UK
Degree: Doctorate, physics
Institute: University of Cambridge
Start Date: 1983
"I don't know of another environment with this level of diversity."


Career Profile: John

If you are searching for a creative and diverse environment to apply your scientific skills, a Schlumberger research center might be a good place to look.

"I worked in two of the top academic departments in the world and the level of creativity here at Schlumberger Cambridge Research beat them both," says scientific advisor John, who joined Schlumberger in 1983 with a PhD in physics from Cambridge University.

"This is an extremely fertile environment with ideas from a dozen different disciplines buzzing around," says John, who has spent most of his career at the center. "I think the reason is that we are not here to do research in physics or chemistry or IT. We do research in exploration and production, and this naturally crosses all the boundaries."

John is still based in Cambridge, where he currently works as an advisor in the drilling and telemetry department. His main project is examining how to strengthen the wellbore against instability that causes lost circulation during drilling.

"If you like this kind of environment, then this is a good place to be," he says of the Cambridge center. "If you want to be a specialist—well, we need them as well, but an engineering center might be a better place for you."