Research Scientist

Location: Schlumberger Cambridge Research Center, UK
Degree: Doctorate, chemistry
Institute: Technische Universität München
Start Date: 2001
"I was attracted by the technology."


Career Profile: Michaela

"Working for Schlumberger is a bit like working on the moon, only in the other direction," jokes Michaela, a senior research scientist at our Cambridge, UK, research center.

Michaela could have picked any number of companies to work for after graduating with a PhD in inorganic chemistry from the Technical University of Munich, in 2001. Instead she chose Schlumberger..

"Schlumberger offered me an environment of teamwork with experts of multidisciplinary and multicultural backgrounds, and provided the necessary training for me to get up to speed," she explains.

While Michaela has spent most of her career in the lab on projects involving chemical design and input, performing tests on chemical blending and pumping, and other activities, she says her most unforgettable experiences happened during a three-month sabbatical in the field, testing new products.

"I still remember vividly my first time out there, pulling water samples at 7 a.m.," she says. "The sun was rising and an exciting day had begun."