Joint Venture Manager

Location: Paris, France
Degree: Master's, petroleum engineering
Institute: Institut Français du Pétrole
Start Date: 1996
"With the end of each project, I have grown personally."


Career Profile: Gino

"Each project has its own set of challenges," says Gino, who joined Schlumberger as a wellsite engineer for Integrated Project Management (IPM) in 1996 with a master's degree in petroleum engineering.

IPM manages drilling and production projects for clients. These projects can range from drilling a single well to drilling hundreds of wells, or even managing the production of an entire oilfield.

"In IPM you must have a high degree of thoroughness and diligence since failure is often in the detail, but at the same time be able to keep your eye on the big picture," says Gino.

He says the challenges of project management are more often organizational than technical, involving coordination, contracting, planning and budgeting. On the other hand, the main advantage is the diversity and variety of projects.

Gino is now managing the startup of a Joint Venture for delivering well construction projects in Algeria.