Software Integrated Solutions Intern

Degree: Geophysics
Institute: Texas A&M University - College Station
"My expectation for my internship was to expand on my geophysics knowledge from college."

Career Profile: Brooke

"My internship lasted a total of nine weeks, including an orientation week in the beginning and a week at the end for wrap-up. My assignment placed me within Software Integrated Solutions (SIS), however, I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to work cross-segment in Wireline and Geosolutions. The chance to work across segments allowed great exposure to multiple business units and the freedom to interface with teams with which I otherwise wouldn’t have interacted. In addition to my project within SIS, I was granted the opportunity to attend URTeC in San Antonio, where I was able to see some of my work presented by Schlumberger employees and attend multiple presentations based on my personal interests.

"My expectation for my internship was to expand on my geophysics knowledge from college; however, Schlumberger pushed me to develop my skills beyond traditional geophysics and into petrophysics and well log analysis software. Throughout my summer, all Schlumberger employees that I met were more than willing to help me. My mentor, supervisor, and team went above and beyond to make me feel welcome, respected, and impactful. My ability to truly influence the project was a tremendously gratifying aspect of my time from this summer. I enjoyed the diversity the company has to offer. For example, my mentor is Nigerian and my supervisor is French which brought new perspectives because of our different backgrounds.”