Carbon Services

Location: Abingdon, near Oxford, UK
Degree: Master's, engineering management
Institute: Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Mines de Paris
Start Date: 2006
"I joined Carbon Services because I was very interested in working on CO2 storage."

Career Profile: Stephanie

“I joined Carbon Services because I was very interested in working on CO2 storage, and I knew Schlumberger was active in this area. In addition, I had already done an internship Schlumberger, and really liked the international component. One of the most impressive things about Schlumberger Carbon Services is definitely the people! It is delightful to work with an international team of people who are all motivated by new challenges. It is an excellent atmosphere in which to work!

"Although my job generally involves providing consulting services to a client—performing technical studies and offering advice—the projects I have worked on have all been very different. Some were as short as a week, and others have lasted for six months; some were located in the North Sea, others in Asia.

"To find answers, we need to integrate diverse areas of technical expertise, from geology and geophysics, to reservoir engineering, well production and risk analysis. Working in this team is like building a house. Each person brings his or her own expertise, and by working closely together and sharing ideas, we construct a brand new house. CO2 storage is a new field, and sometimes we learn as we go; each project is an opportunity to explore."