Location: Shrewsbury, close to Birmingham, UK
Degree: Master's, hydrogeology
Institute: University of Birmingham
Start Date: 2005
"Being part of Schlumberger Water Services has exposed me to exciting projects."


Career Profile: Sarah

"After finishing my master’s degree in hydrogeology I started work for a water consultancy that was later acquired by Schlumberger Water Services (SWS).  I chose to stay on and work for SWS because of the wide range of opportunities it offered. 

"Being part of Schlumberger Water Services has exposed me to exciting projects, including several groundwater modeling and other hydrogeology projects, both in the UK and abroad.  I’ve also had the opportunity to do some fieldwork, including step tests and wetland monitoring. All this has brought new software and forward-thinking ideas to my work.

"When deadlines are tight, I may have to work extra hours, but the work is enjoyable and I feel it is worth it for the interesting projects that I have the chance to work on.  Overall it is possible to maintain a fairly good work-life balance.

A typical day for me is spent in the office running complex groundwater models, which includes developing the conceptual model, setting up model properties, and calibrating predictive models to achieve real-world results. Producing a calibrated and defensible model makes this job highly rewarding!”