We believe that high-quality training is fundamental to both your success and the success of our business. Our ability to adapt to new business challenges is strongly linked to the ability of our people to develop their competencies. Training does not only happen in the first few years after you join but instead continues throughout your career. It’s a process of ongoing learning.

Global Network of Learning Centers
A key part of our commitment to develop our people is our global network of learning centers. Courses held in our centers range from a few days to 12 weeks in duration. Our centers are busy year round, and hold a variety of concurrent courses. Besides acquiring specific technical competencies, attending a course brings important social and networking benefits to each attendee.

Structured Learning Program
When you join Schlumberger as a trainee, in a technical or business role, you initially enter a structured learning and development program. No matter what your background, we ensure your training helps you to develop quickly and advance in your role. The program blends technical, safety, personal development, business and managerial courses, and on-the-job validated training.

Importance of Internships
We place a significant importance on internships for students at Schlumberger. (Many of our people started with Schlumberger this way). After joining the company, you may go through a period of intensive off-the-job technical training. Alternatively, you may receive mainly on-the-job training interspersed with formal seminars. The type of training we offer depends on your internship as well as the skills needed to be successful.

Annual Training and Development
Throughout your career with us, you prepare an annual development plan with your managers and agree on specific training actions for the next 12-month period. Our training includes; classroom, self-training using the latest interactive on-line technology, on-the-job training, coaching and mentoring. Whatever the method, the critical factors are your willingness and ability to learn.

Creating a Partnership
The overriding goal of our training is to create a partnership between you and Schlumberger so that you can create value for yourself, keep your skills up to date and develop your talents to your full potential. Schlumberger also gains by enhancing its competitive edge in its business.

Meet your instructors:

Alexander Name: Alexander Position: Training Instructor
Anniza Name: Anniza Position: Testing Services Instructor, ELC
Gayatri Name: Gayatri Position: Project and Asset Management Training Manager, ELC
Paul Name: Paul Position: Training and Development Manager

“…I truly believe that people are Schlumberger's best assets. Our strength is having the depth and breadth to build diverse and high achieving teams.”
Devan Raj
Head of Recruiting and Learning

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