Project and Asset Management Training Manager, ELC

Location: France
Degree: Petroleum Engineering
Institute: University of Tulsa
Start Date: 1998
"The people with whom I work allow every new placement to become a new adventure."

Career Profile: Gayatri

Around the World

“After graduating from Petroleum Engineering at the University of Tulsa, Oklahoma, I joined Schlumberger as a trainee in East Texas. I chose the company because of how diverse it was, both in terms of being open to all nationalities, and because it was very encouraging of females in the field. After a year, I was transferred to Duri, Indonesia, where I continued to the end of my training. I then moved to Moscow, Russia, where I stayed for three years in a production engineering role overseeing production optimization initiatives, which was part field-based, part office-based. My next assignment was Kuala Lumpur and Miri, Malaysia where I progressed my career as Senior Production Engineer for multiple fields offshore. I then moved to Beijing, China, where I completed several projects with complex technical challenges such as methane hydrate and tight reservoir sands. I took up a management position in Australia, heading a multidisciplinary consulting team of engineers and geoscientists. My most recent move was here to the European Learning Center (ELC) in France, a large facility dedicated to the training of employees at various levels, where I am in charge of managing the training programs for Project and Asset Management.”

Work as a Training Manager

“My current role is very different to working in field operations or a technical project setting. I enjoy working with young engineers; their enthusiasm is contagious. It is great seeing them develop and progress through their training and experience. We take their feedback from the challenges they face while working in their locations in order to continuously improve our training programs. The most challenging part of my job is to manage and deliver 17,000 training days, with over 300 employees, each year: it’s a real logistical challenge!”

Extensive Training Provision

“The training provision in Schlumberger, of which ELC makes up a part, is really extensive. For me, it is critical that I select the best instructors: in addition to being technically strong in their area, we need to select people who can inspire a class and be a role model for their trainees. All our trainers transition out from operations and into training, so it’s a big challenge for them to adapt to the responsibilities of training the new generation of engineers.”

Travel and Diversity

“Working for Schlumberger allows me to work in many different countries (although I don’t really like flying!). I enjoy the adventure of living in and experiencing new cultures, as well as picking up different languages. The people with whom I work allow every new placement to become a new adventure. There is never a dull moment.”

Excellence in Technology

“If I had to name my favourite thing about the company, it would be the way that the company is committed to its people and technology. Through excellent training we develop our people in ways that allow us to maintain our position as the best in the industry. The company is the technology pioneer in this sector, always at the forefront of new developments, and I’m excited to be a part of this.”