A Focus on Gender

Date: 03/04/2016

In support of International Women's Day and Women’s History Month* we are celebrating the career journeys of the women of Schlumberger throughout March.

A key defining aspect of Schlumberger’s culture is the diversity of our workforce. It differentiates the way we work, our effectiveness as a team, our technology, and the expertise that we deliver to our customers.

Achieving gender balance as part of this culture of diversity is ongoing, it has been a focus for around a quarter of a century.

With operations in around 85 countries, our long-held policy to hire where we work has helped us to tap into local talent pools globally. Looking forward, our goals are to continually increase the percentage of women we recruit worldwide, ensure proper career development for high-performing women, and increase our organizational flexibility to accommodate a wider range of personal situations.

These goals are supported by our belief in meritocracy, early responsibility, and promotion from within. It means we are able to offer a challenging and dynamic workplace for all our employees at every stage of their working life. As our diverse staff move through different phases of their careers we also provide support through a range of policies and standards. As a company, we encourage fair employment practices worldwide and offer equal opportunities to all our employees.

*In the U.S.A.

Meet some of the women of Schlumberger

Meet Mobolaji, LWD Field Engineer     Meet Ranaa, VP IPM Integrated Services
 Meet Samantha, Marketing Analyst     Meet Anne-Kristine, Marketing and Product Manager
Meet Shyann, Test Facilities Manager      Meet Ling, Research Scientist
Meet Sarah-Jayne, Drilling Fluid Specialist     Meet Margarita, Gas Lift Engineer


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