Happy Trainees Award France 2018

Date: 10/02/2017

Interns in France rank us as a top 10% employer.

Schlumberger in France has been awarded the HappyTrainees classification 2018! This designation rewards the best 10% of companies to be an intern with in France, based on an annual survey. The survey was conducted across more than 2000 companies, with the final score being an aggregate rank by interns and apprentices.

All of our interns and apprentices from SRPC (Clamart), FCS (Abbeville), MpTC (Montpellier) and La Défense (Paris), working in engineering, manufacturing, sustaining, and support functions were asked to rate their experience with Schlumberger over the last academic year in six main categories: professional progression, work environment, quality of management, motivation, pride, and fun/pleasure.

Interns in France gave us an overall score of 4.17/5.

This is a great achievement for Schlumberger; and demonstrates the challenging projects and enjoyable experiences we offer our interns.

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Interns enjoying an insight into some of our downhole technology at one of our product centers in France.

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