Schlumberger brands are known across our industry

Schlumberger Brands Are Known Across Our Industry

Schlumberger has a history and culture of science and technology innovation, supported by strategic mergers and acquisitions. Our service and technology brands continue to differentiate us in the industry. The people who create and develop these services and technologies share a commitment to the Schlumberger culture, values, and dedication to excellence.


ADIL provides market leading consultancy support to the oil and gas industry across all lifecycle stages—from exploration, through developments and production operations to decommissioning.


The Cameron group works with oil and gas producers, drilling contractors, pipeline operators, refiners, and other process owners to measure, control, and manage pressure and flow.


The OneSubsea technology segment in the Cameron group provides systems for subsea production, processing, and control, as well as swivel and marine systems. OneSubsea leverages Cameron flow control expertise, process technologies, and manufacturing capabilities with Schlumberger petrotechnical leadership, reservoir and production technology, and R&D capabilities.

Coil Tubing Services

Coil Tubing Services is the largest coil tubing company on the Louisiana and Texas Gulf coast. In addition, we offer services in North Central Texas and are expanding into the Rocky Mountains. We operate offshore, in inland waters and on land.  The CTS commitment is to provide best-in-class coil tubing services to its clients. We believe in doing one thing and doing it better than anyone else.


For over 60 years, DRILCO has provided the industry's leading experts in inspection and machining services. Providing a range of tubular products and rigfloor equipment, the DRILCO standard is well recognized as industry leading.


Dyna-Drill® Technologies designs and manufactures down-hole motor equipment for the oil and gas industry. From power sections for drilling motors, to rotors and stators for progressing cavity pumps, tungsten carbide bearings and precision machining services such as milling, grinding and boring for oilfield applications.

E&P Wireline

Formed from the union of Enertech and Perf-O-Log, the business has achieved strong growth due to a commitment of providing safe, efficient, cost effective service. Success has always depended upon people who make the difference. Services that E&P Wireline Services offers include cased hole logging services, pipe recovery services and tubing conveyed perforating in addition to several other services.


Geoservices is the industry leader in mud logging, helping customers drill better wells more efficiently and bringing a more complete understanding of lithology and formation fluids, complementing other well and reservoir measurements.


M-I SWACO is the leading worldwide supplier of drilling fluid systems engineered to improve drilling performance, fluid systems and specialty tools designed to optimize productivity, production technologies to maximize production rates, and environmental services that safely manage waste volumes generated in both drilling and production operations.


MegaDiamond designs, manufactures and markets ultra-hard materials used worldwide in cutting tools, construction, oil and gas drilling, and mining applications.  We also manufacture synthetic diamond cutters which we offer to PDC bit suppliers.  We combine our experience, expertise, and creativity to provide value-added, high-performance products to address our customers' specific application requirements.

Omni Seals

Omni Seals has carved a unique niche in the custom molding market; that of problem solver. A blend of people expertise and technologies, the Omni Seals group tackles the toughest product designs, developing successful materials, and following up with on-time delivery of the finished product. In addition, we manufacture a wide range of rubber and other seals for the oil and gas and other industries.

Schlumberger Land Rigs (Formerly Saxon)

Integrated, customized rig construction and production management that enhances drilling processes for projects of all sizes at any location around the world.

Smith Bits

Smith Bits is a global leader in the design, manufacture and marketing of roller cone and PDC drill bits used in oil and gas exploration. Winner of numerous awards, Smith Bits continues to lead the industry in drill bit performance, with more drilling records for both ROP and run length than all other drill bit manufacturers combined.

Thomas Tools

Thomas Tools began building a solid reputation in 1961 as a downhole tool specialty company, growing into today's rental tool industry leader. Today, Thomas Tools rents drill pipe and high-torque drill pipe, Hevi-Wate drill pipe, drill collars, high pressure blowout preventers, handling tools, cross-over subs and specialized downhole tools.


WesternGeco is the world’s leading geophysical services company, providing comprehensive worldwide reservoir imaging, monitoring, and development services.

Wireline Control Systems

Wireline Control Systems operates on land in North America and in the Gulf of Mexico, providing a full spectrum of advanced equipment for all wireline pressure control applications. A focused commitment to safety and quality assures that each customer receives certified, reliable equipment delivering superior performance.