Project Manager

Location: Houston, Texas
Degree: Bachelors, Petroleum Engineering
Institute: Universidad Autónoma Gabriel René Moreno
Start Date: 2002
"They made the transition easy for me as well as my family."

Chester joined the industry in 1996 as a trainee drilling engineer with the Bolivian national oil company. He subsequently worked with an oilfield services company and two international oil companies, where he was responsible for drilling and completions operations in Bolivia and later in the USA. He joined Schlumberger in 2002 and until 2008 worked for the company’s Integrated Project Management (IPM) organization in various locations in South America. Since 2008 he has worked on IPM projects in Texas, where his primary focus is well integrity.

“They say you become part of a family when you join Schlumberger, and that honestly describes my experience. It is not an easy decision to change companies in midcareer. There are many things to consider when your family is involved. Schlumberger worked with us to answer our questions and concerns. We knew this was the best move for all of us. I could develop a wider range of skills and advance higher in my profession. We also appreciated that safety was of the utmost importance. We could even decide whether or not we wanted to move internationally. In the end, the decision was rather easy. I wanted to continue my career with a company that saw my potential and would help me realize it.”