Operations Manager

Location: Caracas, Venezuela
Degree: Bachelors, Petroleum Engineering
Institute: Universidad Nacional de la Patagonia "San Juan Bosco"
Start Date: 2007
"The happiness of my family drives my energy and motivation level."

Roberto is operations manager for early production facilities (EPF) in the company’s Venezuela, Trinidad & Tobago GeoMarket. His responsibilities include developing services to optimize oilfield production, including technologies for enhanced oil recovery. Roberto started his career in 1987 as production engineer and prior to joining Schlumberger gained experience with private and national oil and gas operators and another international oilfield services company.

“After almost two decades working in an operator’s environment I was ready to move to develop my career in the service arena. The transition into Schlumberger was managed smoothly and provided support for my family as well. I was always interested in the technological challenges to improve the overall industry’s performance, and this is why I decided to move to Schlumberger. After joining the company, I experienced that self-motivated achievers do well here. In just a few years I have taken a huge variety of challenges and been immersed in a diverse team where everyone is treated with respect. You can set ambitious goals at Schlumberger and know that you will have the opportunity to reach those goals.”