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Senior Reservoir Engineer and Reservoir Domain Champion

Location: Bankok, Thailand
Degree: Doctorate, Petroleum Engineering
Institute: Imperial College of Science Technology and Medicine University of London
Start Date: 2006
"I was looking for greater challenges and discovered so much more."

Saifon received her first degree in 1997—a Bachelors in Chemical Engineering from the Prince of Songkla University, Thailand. While working towards a Doctorate in London she worked with an oilfield services company, as a teaching assistant, and on an industry-sponsored well testing project. In 2002 she joined an oilfield services company and also lectured at universities in Thailand.

Saifon joined Schlumberger in 2006, working for the company’s Data & Consulting Services (DCS) organization, and responsible for data acquisition projects in Brunei, Malaysia, and the Philippines. She is now supporting projects in Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, and neighboring countries. She continues to support Petroleum Engineering teaching at local universities.

“When I joined Schlumberger, I didn’t know much about its commitment to diversity. I was mainly interested in the technological challenges it could offer. I soon discovered that I would not be the only woman in the room. I see women at the highest levels in the organization, so I know I can be ambitious with a realistic hope of accomplishing whatever goals I set for myself. I also appreciate how the company has worked to accommodate my personal life. When my husband was assigned to a role in Kuala Lumpur, Schlumberger helped me secure an assignment there that fitted with my abilities. I feel valued here for what I can contribute to our success.”