Yuli Patricia

Well Engineer

Location: Villahermosa, Mexico
Degree: Petroleum Engineering
Institute: Universidad Nacional de Colombia
Start Date: 2008
"Every day my job brings different situations and experiences."

Yuli Patricia works in the Integrated Project Management (IPM) group, and is a member of a team providing services in Mexico. Her responsibilities include planning drilling operations, data management, and supporting engineering improvement initiatives to improve drilling efficiency. She joined Schlumberger after 9 years working for various companies in Colombia supplying services related to oilfield operations, and has also taught drilling technology at the Universidad de America, Bogota.

“As a Schlumberger employee I have had a “work and life balance” that is important for my son and for me. The company understands my condition as a single mother and the responsibilities being a mum brings, so it has done what it can to make my life easy.

I really enjoy being part of Schlumberger because every day I’m learning new things; being part of knowledge sharing; and growing technically, professionally, personally and economically.”