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WIT Sales Manager

Location: Republic of the Congo

Degree: Rural Infrastructure Engineering

Institute: International Institute for Water and Environmental Engineering

Start Date: 2002

How did you get to where you are today?

“Towards the end of my time being a student, I discovered that Schlumberger hired lots of new graduates and provided extensive training, rather than just hiring people with experience. I had been studying water wells in remote locations, and I thought drilling oil and gas could work in a similar way."

I joined Schlumberger in 2002 as a Cementing Field Engineer Trainee in Algeria and the Republic of the Congo. After my training, I worked in the field in Gabon and then became a Field Services Manager, managing other field engineers and local operations in both Equatorial Guinea and Cameroon. In 2010 I became Recruiting and University Relations Manager for Central and West Africa, a role which required a very different set of skills! I was promoted to Sales Manager in 2014.”

What do you do in your current job?

“As a Sales Manager, I meet with clients and colleagues to review processes and to discover new business opportunities. Working alongside the marketing department I promote relevant Schlumberger services. I also manage client relationships and contracts to maximize efficiency and ensure excellence in service delivery.”

"The industry is very encouraging of gender diversity and offers support for women working in the field."

What do you enjoy most about working for Schlumberger?

“I enjoy that I contribute to the success of the company. I have great satisfaction when I overcome the many challenges my current job presents. It has been amazing to experience so many different areas of the company, and so many spectacular parts of the world—from rainforest, to desert, to snowy landscapes—and I have some great memories, such as travelling in helicopters and speedboats and seeing beautiful wild animals. Although I have come a long way since my student days, I know that there are many more opportunities for me in the future.”

What opportunities for development and training has the company offered you?

“I never stop learning, whether I am in the classroom or on the job. When I joined, I could not speak English, so my first training was three weeks of intensive language training in the UK. I am continually offered opportunities by my managers to progress and develop as an employee, and I am currently studying for a Schlumberger-sponsored Master’s Degree in Oil and Gas Industry Management.”

How do you find the work environment at Schlumberger?

“Fast-paced and challenging! The culture is diverse and the people are exceptional; and no matter when, there is always support and assistance available.”

What are your ambitions and hopes for the future?

“I want to progress as far as possible. Next, I would like to take further training courses in Sales and in Finance.”

Do you face any particular challenges being a female?

“Having a husband and two children, it can sometimes be difficult to balance my time between work and home. However, I manage by being organised, and the company offers support, for example with childcare. I have never encountered any difficulties at the wellsite. Although there are more men than women, the men are very respectful and we always work together as a team.”

What advice would you give to young women considering a field position?

“The industry is very encouraging of gender diversity and offers support for women working in the field. Through good performance and by working well with others, you will be rewarded with success and opportunities.

Regarding your home life, although it might be difficult sometimes, you know that you are providing a good life for your family, with opportunities for good education to help their future development.”

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