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Women in STEM

In honor of this year’s International Day of Women and Girls in Science in February and International Women's Day in March, we want to introduce you to some of our inspiring women at Schlumberger. Discover how their passion for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) is engineering a sustainable future for all.

Meet some of our inspiring women at Schlumberger

Women in Stem

Hello, I'm Mervin!

"From a very early age and growing up in Africa, I understood my ‘why’. I wanted to solve problems as an engineer and to make sure everyone has quality access to energy. I’m passionate about the next generation of female science, technology and mathematics professionals and I am determined to play my part in shaping a low-carbon, sustainable energy future. Read my story here."

Women in Stem

Hi, I'm Mina!

“I’m a Cloud Software Engineer, working as part of a team to develop a collection of open-source, community-driven data access services for the energy industry. I believe that the future of energy is going to be defined by innovation. I’ve always been interested in energy. I grew up in a landlocked country that was dependent on neighbors for energy and dreamed that one day I might be able to help fix that. Now that I’m at Schlumberger, I can see what it takes to make that happen. Watch my video here."

women in stem

Hello, I'm Myriam!

“My work as an Artificial Intelligence Engineer involves analyzing data to develop models that help automate complex processes and deliver better decisions faster. I’ve always loved technology and am passionate about my work. When I was at university, I met some data scientists from Schlumberger. We discussed the limitless possibilities of data science in the energy industry and how it can help create a better world for all. After that—I was hooked. View my video interview here.”

Achieving gender balance has been an ongoing focus for Schlumberger for over 25 years. When we first started our gender balance journey in 1994 women represented 5% of the company. Since then, we’ve made significant progress.

“Schlumberger has increased the number of women joining our company over many years”, explains Leila Hamza, Director of Diversity and Inclusion. “For the first time, in 2021 women represented almost half of our STEM hires from universities in 2021. We are committed to continuing to remove potential barriers to access, growth, and success for women, which includes those in the field environment.”

Today, Schlumberger is on track to reach an interim milestone of 25% women in its salaried workforce by 2025 and is setting the next milestone of 30% by 2030 to continue to progress.

The company’s initiatives around gender balance are aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals #5 and #10. Learn more about the company’s workforce diversity here.

Sustainable Development Goal 5 Gender EqualitySustainability Development Goal 10 Reduced Inequalities