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Internship - Geomodeler - Application of structural modeling technology to carbon sequestration

Montpellier - France

Internship – Geomodeler

Application of structural modeling technology to carbon sequestration. Case study and training content.



SLB is the world’s leading energy services company, with around 85,000 employees representing 170 nationalities, in 120 countries. Working globally– sometimes in remote and challenging locations – we invent, design, engineer, manufacture, apply, and maintain state-of-the-art technology to help customers find and produce energy.


Montpellier Technology Center (MpTC) is located in the South of France; we develop leading-edge Wellbore & Structural Geology Modelling Software.

In connection with SLB digital centers in Norway, the UK, the US, China and India, our innovation activities span from high precision wellbore logs to high volume seismic data, from automated real-time systems to large scale reservoir simulation.

Our strength comes from our passion for innovation and our multicultural population.

MpTC welcomes about 100 employees from more than 23 nationalities – a dynamic and energetic team working in a highly collaborative and innovative environment. We continuously offer opportunities to progress and develop, through training programs and early career exposure to our worldwide digital organization in Europe, the US and Asia.



Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) represents a key technology to abate carbon emissions in a number of industrial settings. It has the potential to play a significant role in limiting global warming. The characterization of subsurface storage sites is critical to ensure safe and cost-efficient injectivity.

One component of this workflow is the 3D static geological modeling, where several parallels to workflows deployed for oil and gas production lie. Such work will support both site identification and complement planning following the sanction of projects. Regulations will require detailed subsurface studies over long time horizons; building an accurate subsurface representation, fit-for-purpose, to support that will ensure safe and reliable operations.

Structural modeling tasks are complemented with additional workflows that extend the analysis. For example, fracture system characterization and fault and seal integrity may play an important role in some target storage locations. Those workflows are very connected to the resulting model. This provides an opportunity to differentiate by deploying those using the advanced modeling solutions implemented by the Montpellier Technology Center team.



The subject of this internship is the application of Petrel Structural Modeling technology to CCS. The carbon storage characterization workflow will first be explored using a public dataset. The value of existing tools and possible technology gaps will be highlighted. The next step will be the creation of training content based on the case study, including the preparation of a training dataset and associated learning material.



Geoscience, Reservoir Engineering

Experience with Geomodeling software (e.g. Petrel) appreciated

Excellent English communication skills



Penultimate or final year

Internship - Geomodeler - Application of structural modeling technology to carbon sequestration
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