Information Technology

IT and communications technologies are vital to everything we do

Our aim is to deliver information and knowledge to the right people, at the right time, in the right place. So, IT and communications technologies are vital to everything we do. They enable us to acquire data—more and more in real time—and transform it into knowledge, which in turn helps our clients make the best business decisions.

We are looking for graduates and experienced professionals with a range of technical expertise to fill roles including

  • Service Desk Analyst
  • On-Site Support Analyst
  • Application Developer
  • IT Security Specialist
  • Project Manager.

To apply, you’ll need a PhD, master's or bachelor's in an IT–related subject, or be an IT engineer or IT professional.

See what others say about the position:

Musfirah Name: Musfirah Position: Network Analyst
Christian Name: Christian Position: Service Desk Analyst
Hany Name: Hany Position: IT Project Office Team Leader
Jerome Name: Jerome Position: Geomarket IT Manager
Joel Name: Joel Position: Global Service Manager
Ali Name: Ali Position: Area IT Manager

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