Area IT Manager

Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Degree: Bachelor’s, Geophysics
Institute: IAP - Institut Algérien du Petrol
Start Date: 1984
"I started as a Wireline engineer, held various technical and managerial positions."


Career Profile: Ali

What is it like working for Schlumberger?

“Schlumberger provides the multicultural life, the challenges and the empowerment that has kept me motivated and energized despite the many years that I spend working. I started as a Wireline engineer, held various technical and managerial positions, served twice as personnel manager. I moved to SchlumbergerSema as Middle East regional manager for "NIS" Network & Information Solution segment providing IT services internally and externally for Banking, Telecom and O&G sector.
I was also given one of the most challenging and the most unusual opportunity to design and build a state-of-the-art learning facility. My current role as Area IT Manager offers a different challenge and the responsibility to ensure that IT services are performing well to enable the business to operate efficiently.
Alongside the job opportunities; the people that you meet striving for excellent services are unique to Schlumberger and the most gratifying.”

What type of skills do you need for this job?

“The more important skills in my mind for a managerial role are leadership, communication and decision making. Moreover working with others, the ability to build strong working relationships and a service attitude are extremely important facets for my new role as IT manager. Our internal Clients expect the same service as the one they deliver externally - not less. Hence when service issues do happen, communicating well and on-time become very important skills.”

What does the future hold for your career in Schlumberger?

“I am glad and fortunate holding my current position for this important function of the business. Having held various positions; I believe that the experience, the knowledge, the skills and the maturity I acquired will continue to contribute to Schlumberger success and to coach future generation of employees.”

How has your background in IT helped you?

“I studied Signal Processing and Applied Physics hence my background is not a typical IT career. However, I have always being interested in technology, computing and gadgets. This techie passion helps my desire to learn and expand my IT knowledge in order to provide the adequate support and leadership vis-a-vis Schlumberger management and the IT community.”

Why did you join Schlumberger?

“I joined Schlumberger for the international exposure, the experience it provides and the service attitude mind. It is remarkable that you & your small team have responsibility of very hi-tech equipment and are expected to acquire and deliver the best possible petro-physical data to enable the economical quantification of the oil and gas reserves. Most sites are very remote with little to no communication. Hence all you had was your "RHB-Reasonable Human Behavior" to help solve issues you may encounter while maintaining the Client satisfaction.”

Is there anything else you would like to add for people considering applying for an IT job at SLB?

“Schlumberger is a very service oriented company, and we make sure we respond to our client's requests in a timely manner. IT staff must be ready to treat our internal clients with the same urgency and professionalism. In addition, the business dependence on IT is growing day-by-day. The IT staff needs to be ready for increasing demands and challenges.”