Personnel Representative

Job Summary

Personnel Representatives support both employees and managers on issues of hiring, relocation, benefits, career development, performance appraisals, compensation, and promotions. They are often the first line of contact for queries, so they must have a good grasp of the relevant issues and the appropriate measures to improve employee performance and motivation. Other responsibilities include assisting the Personnel Manager with the design, development, and implementation of policies, programs, and procedures.

Successful Personnel Representatives have strong interpersonal skills and enjoy working with people. They are approachable and responsive, results oriented, proactive, and trustworthy.

Essential Responsibilities and Duties

  • Dedicate face time to employee support through interaction and feedback.
  • Organize and conduct employee information meetings on employment policies, benefits, and compensation.
  • Act as first point of contact for employee relations issues and/or concerns about motivation and job satisfaction.
  • Advise and assist managers on interpretation and administration of HR policies and programs.
  • Support line management with performance appraisal, career planning, succession planning, identification of high-value employees, and recognition of performance through rewards.
  • Coordinate internal and external training and recruitment activities.
  • Screen and review applications and interview applicants as required.
  • Assist in organizing internal teambuilding events and community events.
  • Coach and assist in development of new team members.
  • Identify and participate in continuous improvement initiatives.
  • Ensure compliance with Data Privacy and Protection Guidelines.


  • University degree.
  • Up to 2 years experience in HR or business.

Schlumberger is an equal employment opportunity employer. Qualified applicants are considered without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability or other characteristics protected by law.

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