Iraq Procurement & Sourcing Manager

Location: Basra, Iraq
Degree: MSc in Global Supply Chain Management
Start Date: 2017

Can you briefly describe your career to date?
During my undergraduate degree, I interned with Schlumberger for a summer to understand the supply chain processes and procedures. After I graduated, I joined their supply chain team as a procurement specialist managing day-to-day purchasing for the various product lines and then moved on to my current role leading the country procurement and sourcing team.

What attracted you to us, and why did you decide to join?
Schlumberger has a very robust training and development program which focuses on each professional field and everyone’s professional and personal growth. You are encouraged to demonstrate your capabilities but also to push yourself outside your comfort zone.

What is a key element of your role?
Knowing the processes and procedures is vital but what takes precedence is their application in a frequently evolving and developing market.

What do you enjoy most about working here?
The mindset, the people and the training and development. Even as the largest oilfield services provider in the world, Schlumberger aligns firmly with the concepts of individual and organisational growth and there is no element of complacency.

What types of challenges do you face in your job?
Maintaining a balance between the requirements of our internal customer and marrying this up with what our suppliers can provide.

What is the working environment like?
A myriad of experienced and freshly acquired talent and a multi-cultural element provides a learning experience across different cultures, professional backgrounds and jurisdictions. Right from the start you need to be prepared to constantly develop yourself and your skills.

Describe your role in three words
Listening, Evaluating, Executing.