Electrical Engineer

Location: Stonehouse, United Kingdom
Degree: Mechanical and Electrical Engineering
Institute: University of Bath
Start Date: 2014
"It is hard work but it promotes development and makes the job more rewarding. "

Career Profile: Melissa

Why did you decide to join Schlumberger?

“Even after graduating I was undecided about my future career. I joined Schlumberger based on my summer placement with the company as I wanted to gain more experience as an Electrical Engineer. In addition, the company actively supports career development and its global footprint presents opportunities to travel.”

Can you describe a typical day for you?

“I work in Sustaining as an Electrical Engineer supporting telemetry and surveying tools. My job involves maintaining and improving existing technology and supporting manufacturing and field locations. Tasks include evaluation of parts and procedures, electrical design modifications and failure analysis. I am also responsible for reviewing the regulatory compliance of equipment.”

What types of challenges do you face in your job?

“The job on the whole is one big challenge; technology is constantly evolving and there are always problems to solve or improvements to make so I am continuously learning. It is hard work but it promotes development and makes the job more rewarding.”

What is the training like at Schlumberger?

“Schlumberger values training, both QHSE and job related. Training varies from classroom activities to online tests to ‘on-the-job’ training. I am currently on a structured training program which aims to develop my technical and managerial competence, and a self-assessment is carried out every year.”