Team Leader

Location: Clamart, France
Degree: Master’s, Mechanical Engineering
Institute: Georgia Institute of Technology
Start Date: 2006
"I enjoy traveling and meeting new people, and I felt Schlumberger was the only company that could offer me the international career I wanted."


Career Profile: Arnaud


Arnaud joined Schlumberger in 2006, and since then has had four different jobs. He works in Schlumberger’s Engineering, Manufacturing, and Sustaining organization, where he applies his engineering knowledge to ensure the mechanical design of new products fulfills requirements for functional performance, manufacturability, and reliability.

“As a Mechanical Design for Manufacturability Engineer I’m responsible for a smooth transition between the engineering and manufacturing processes—I design test plans and test setups for subassemblies and assemblies. I ensure the readiness of engineering files and monitor their compliance to our standards. I also work with suppliers to leverage efficiencies. My job is very diverse; I never get bored because there’s always something new to learn. The biggest challenge is prioritizing what should, must, and can be done first!”

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