Lean Site Champion - Black Belt

Location: Moore, OK
Degree: Bachelors, Industrial Engineering
Institute: University of Houston
Start Date: June 2015

Can you briefly describe your career to date?
While I was at the University of Houston, I interned at Cameron for 10 weeks. During this time, I worked on a lean six sigma project to enhance the welding facility layout and improve operational efficiency.

My internship prompted me to apply for a place on the 2-year Global Rotational Development Program (GRDP), which is a great way to learn about the company because you switch roles every 6 months.

In my first position, I began my Green Belt training—part of the lean six sigma methodology. Green and Black Belt Champions are responsible for sustaining the Lean culture within Schlumberger.

My Green Belt training involved completing three projects to improve daily processes at the facility—for example eliminating unnecessary material storage in the shop; shop floor daily management to measure key performance indicators; and ensuring on-time delivery to ensure the plant meets expected goals.

In February 2018, I started my current role as Lean Site Champion—Black Belt, where I am focused on promoting our lean culture and implementing continuous performance improvement at the facility. Moore, OK is a Drilling Services plant. It is our goal to pioneer Cameron Manufacturing System (CMS) elements to our facility. Therefore, it is my responsibility to build these elements into the plant through the team.

What attracted you to Schlumberger and why did you decide to join us?
During my internship, I really enjoyed the innovative and collaborative environment in the manufacturing facility. Schlumberger is not only a prestigious brand, it’s a trailblazer. I knew that the internship program was the first step in achieving my career aspirations.

Can you describe a typical day for you?
My role involves interacting on a daily basis with the operations teams in the workshop. At the beginning of the day, I put on my steel-toe boots and spend about 15 minutes walking through the shop discussing any issues with the shop floor personnel. As a Lean Site Champion—Black-Belt I am responsible for ensuring the progression and evolution of Lean within the facility.

How do you describe what you do to your family?
I encourage people to change their attitudes and the way they do their jobs to improve our operational efficiency. To do this successfully, building relationships is an integral part of my job—it’s far easier to introduce and establish a new Lean culture to people if they have your trust. So, much of my job involves working hard to develop a good rapport with the teams in the facility, encouraging them to share their challenges. This makes it far easier for them to accept any changes to their daily routines. Especially when the team uses the operator’s idea. It is rewarding to see the look in their eyes when we use their idea and design when implementing a new process, which will ultimately improve their efficiency.

What do you enjoy most about working for Schlumberger?
There are lots of reasons why I enjoy my job. Some elements of my work that really stand out for me are the environment—the people and the workplace. I enjoy the challenge of my role. Every day is different and there are always opportunities for me to develop as an individual, but also many ways to improve how my team works and therefore benefit the company as well.

What types of challenges do you face in your job?
The biggest challenge I face daily is building trust with my colleagues. Some people are not comfortable with change. Some have never heard of Lean and I have to get their buy-in—convince them that by making changes to the way they do their job, they can work more effectively and efficiently.

What is the working environment like?
It’s a really supportive environment. It’s not a one-man show. Everyone understands that our success—as individuals, as a team, and as an organization—requires a combined effort.

What advice can you give to the next incoming female workforce?
You are the next generation. Always be open to asking questions if you do not understand the process. Be a team player. Establish strong relationships with co-workers and mentors—they will help you if you help them. Lastly, my mentor told me this quote that I will never forget and which helps me daily, “Stay focused and put yourself in challenging situations; they will get easier every time.”