Software Engineer

Accelerate the pace of change. Join our squad.

You are innovative, collaborative and globally minded. So are we. As the leading technology provider in the oil and gas industry, we aim to remain Number One by growing our knowledge and our team with people like you.

We provide a creativity-fostering, autonomous work environment, where your ideas will be heard and your contributions valued. We encourage you to to:

  • Have responsibility through the full development cycle
  • Work directly with professionals with varying discliplines
  • Share knowledge among a worldwide community of experts
  • Reach personal development goals and advance at a fast pace

Career Acceleration

There are no limits on your personal development goals. Take the opportunity to quickly advance in your role through continuous learning, training and development.

Industry Impact

You'll influence worldwide operations and have an exponential impact that extends beyond your team and into an entire industry. With a new challenge around every corner, our approach to software and digital technology offers you enormous opportunities to enhance efficiency and productivity.

Disruptive Cutting-Edge Technologies

Keep up with and apply the latest digital technology trends in the oil and gas industry. High-performance computing, cloud technology and big data are just a few of the disciplines covered in our software development centers.

Together, we have:

  • Created the fifth-largest super computer infrastructure, comprising more than 65 petaflops of processing power
  • Expanded the boundaries of the physical infrastructure to the cloud environment
  • Partnered with Cloud provider leaders to expand on scalability and elasticity of our software and digital services offerings
  • Developed new partnerships to support Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) capabilities, putting us in a unique position to lead the industry digital transformation

Your squad awaits. Apply today.

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 Name: Sylvain Position: Software Engineer

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We are looking for highly skilled graduates in the following areas to join our squad:

  • Automation Engineering and Artificial Intelligence
  • Cloud Technology
  • Data Science
  • Design and Architecture
  • Software Engineering
  • High-Performance Computing
  • Human Computer Interface (including UX design)
  • Real-Time Systems Engineering (including IIoT)
  • Scientific Computing and Algorithm Development
  • Security
  • Front-End Development