Software Engineer

Location: Germany
Degree: Applied Geosciences, MSc
Institute: Other University
Start Date: 2012
"Learn from the past, live in the present, plan for the future.’ (Audrey Farrell)"

Career Profile: Eva

Eva joined Schlumberger in 2012 after completing her MSc in Applied Geosciences at RWTH Aachen University in Germany, which included studies at the University of Bergen in Norway. Since joining Schlumberger, Eva has been working in the Commercialization teams focusing on geoscience software platforms.

Among her responsibilities, Eva oversees the yearly commercialization of software platforms, making sure that their delivery is on schedule while planning future enhancements. “My favorite time of the year is the first round of testing when the new features for the software platforms are released. At the same time, we are also sitting together to plan and develop additional new features. A lot of teamwork and communication is involved. For me, this is the most interactive and interesting time.”

Motivated by the cultural diversity of Schlumberger, Eva enjoys working in teams. “I am motivated by learning something new every day; just by being surrounded by amazing colleagues with different experiences, skills and cultures. My knowledge base has grown a lot in various new and interesting disciplines since working for Schlumberger.”

While developing her software quality assurance competencies, Eva has faced a host of challenges but this has not deterred her. She concludes, “The most challenging part is also the most motivating: making changes happen.”