Software Engineer

Location: Norway
Degree: Civil Engineering, PhD
Institute: Norwegian University of Science and Technology
Start Date: 2005
"I believe it is important to bridge the technical and business side of development, with a thorough understanding of both the technical aspects of the product as well as the different uses of it."

Career Profile: Lars

Lars joined Scandpower Petroleum Technology Group (SPT) in 2005 after graduating with a doctorate in Civil Engineering from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. Over the following eight years, he transitioned from consultant to senior consultant, and then in 2010 was designated as a principal consultant with the SPT Group. In 2012, the SPT Group was acquired by Schlumberger, and in 2013, Lars moved to the role of Lead Architect.

Lars is located in a Technology Center just outside his hometown of Oslo, Norway. “Being modest in size compared to most European capitals, Oslo offers a good combination of a busy city life and easy access to nature for recreational purposes, which are qualities I have learned to appreciate after a number of years living elsewhere.”

As a software architect, Lars is continuously engaged in a number of projects and involved in communication with different Schlumberger business segments to enable and support the integration of software platforms developed in Norway and in other technology centers around the world, including Beijing and Montpellier.

For Lars the opportunity of working on the latest digital technology applications continues to motivate him in areas such as high performance computing and numerical methods. “To me, Schlumberger not only represents a very large international company, but it also has a strong engineering focus and a diverse portfolio of products. Due to the large pool of people with strong technical knowledge, commitment and ambition, we are continuously being engaged, challenged and presented with new opportunities and expertise.”