La Shawnta

Software Engineer

Location: China
Degree: Computer Engineering
Institute: Georgia Institute of Technology
Start Date: 2004
"I am motivated by necessary and challenging solutions with an understanding that the result is proportional to the effort."

Career Profile: La Shawnta

La Shawnta joined Schlumberger in Houston in June 2004 after graduating from the Georgia Institute of Technology with a degree in Computer Engineering. Her first assignment was in the Innovation and Usability team, which led her to focus on user experience (UX) as her area of expertise. In 2014, La Shawnta accepted an assignment as a User Experience Engineer in Beijing, China.

For La Shawnta the experience of living in a different country, immersive in the truly global reach of Schlumberger is something that she will explore to its maximum. “An unforgettable experience that has given me a different perspective personally and professionally. As one of the longest surviving ancient civilizations in the world, there are so many hidden treasures, the only way to discover and experience them is to step out and get lost. The greatest challenge has been the language barrier, but I hope to improve my Mandarin during my time here.”

She is currently the Senior User Experience Engineer for a new web-based well planning platform, where she can apply all her knowledge in the discipline of human computer interface. In this role, her responsibilities include promoting usability principles and supporting external teams in their effort to integrate new workflows. “My roles continue to provide a unique perspective to my current and future projects. I am driven when I continue to grow and am challenged while making a positive and lasting impact.”