Software Engineer Manager

Location: United States
Degree: Master's in Cybernetics, MBA in Technology Management
Institute: University of California Santa Barbara
Start Date: 2007
"One day you are speaking to C-level management about technology innovation, another day your are doing a deep dive in an oilfield workflow, the day after you meet with vendors to evaluate their products and services, and then you finish the week by leading a workshop with the objective of putting together cutting edge technology for a target use case"

Career Profile: Nils

Nils is a Cloud and Big Data Manager at the Schlumberger Software Technology Innovation Center, where he is responsible for developing and executing an innovation program that demonstrates how cloud and big data technologies can transform the oilfield industry. He leads a team that works with subject matter experts to define use cases and with technology partners to develop a software stack that maximizes value.

Nils has had the opportunity to be in several roles before relocating to California, from being a developer through being a tech lead to having responsibilities for projects, programs, budgets, and people. “I’ve truly seen the Schlumberger values in action while working on several of our software products and platforms”, he explains. “The energy we put in training and developing our people and the calculated risks we take on technology innovation is how we’ve been able to be profitable for so many decades”. For Nils, working in a creative, highly dynamic, and unstructured environment is what keeps him motivated.