Software Engineer

Location: United States
Degree: Electrical Engineering
Institute: Ecole Polytechnique
Start Date: 2001
"At work, I believe in determination, team work and honesty."

Career Profile: Sylvain

Sylvain started as a software engineer intern with Schlumberger in 2001 and is now an Artificial Intelligence Technologist. He works within the field of automation engineering and is based in one of the Schlumberger technology centers. Currently, he coordinates the artificial intelligence technology evaluation and roadmap elaboration for drilling operations software.

“Having the opportunity to work in different countries and working in Schlumberger technology centers in Europe and North America has really enriched my professional and personal experiences,” he says. “Developing leading-edge technology requires collaboration and multidisciplinary expertise; there is no other place like Schlumberger that offers this dynamic collaborative environment.”

He believes that sharing knowledge is a way to develop and grow his own expertise while at the same time contributing to the growth of a community of experts within the company. Sylvain has led two knowledge-sharing communities within Schlumberger during the development of his technical career and he is currently a co-leader of the Big Data, Analytics, and Artificial Intelligence Schlumberger technical community.