As part of our geoscience and petrotechnical team, our Geologists use their knowledge across a range of geological scales to determine reservoir potential. Using a variety of data acquisition services, logging systems, and samples, they determine the structure, stratigraphy, lithology, and compartmentalization of a reservoir.

As a Geologist you’ll have a wide range of career opportunities and work on projects at different scales. You may work at the pore scale in geomechanics, helping the client understand the changes in reservoir rocks during the production process. At the wellbore scale, you’ll be responsible for job planning, processing, and interpretation of geological data measured with downhole tools. This information helps determine the best place to drill the well to achieve maximum results with minimal environmental impact, and data are often interpreted in real time as the drill penetrates the formation. You’ll use a range of software systems and may work closely with customers on projects including single-well interpretation, exploratory play evaluation, integrated reservoir studies, and field development planning. Some Geologists also contribute to developing new tools and systems to improve reservoir understanding.

We’re looking for people who demonstrate

  • problem-solving skills
  • cross-discipline understanding and interest
  • good technical knowledge
  • confident communication
  • technical curiosity
  • the ability to work well under pressure.

To apply for a position as a Geologist, you need a PhD, master’s or bachelor’s in Geology or a related discipline.

See what others say about the position:

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