Location: Houston, USA
Degree: Bachelors, Geology
Institute: Texas A&M University - College Station
Start Date: 2014
"The environment is very energetic. There is constant collaboration and we have a great team dynamic."


Career Profile: Kelly

Why did you decide to join Schlumberger?

“So much set Schlumberger apart for me when I was applying for job positions. One of the main reasons that attracted me was knowing how much they value training. I think training should not stop after a set amount of time on the job, and so I really appreciate how Schlumberger gives their employees the opportunity to continuously expand their skillset through regular training throughout the entirety of their career.”

Can you describe your career with us?

“I have spent most of the seven months that I have been working for Schlumberger in training, learning how to use Petrel E&P software platform to enhance reservoir knowledge. I have also shadowed colleagues as they provide customer software support, which has aided my professional development and given me an idea of what will be expected of me in the future.”

Can you describe a typical day for you?

“A typical day involves interacting with a lot of people and problem solving. I speak with clients over the phone about issues they’re facing and then I work with colleagues to find a solution as quickly as possible.”

What do you like most about working for Schlumberger?

“At Schlumberger you’re able to meet a lot of different people from many different places. During my training, my classmates were from all over the world. I really value working for a company that appreciates diversity and understands how enriching it is in the workplace.”

What types of challenges do you face in your job?

“Because I work directly with clients, I face the same challenges they face—trying to find a solution using software or working through a problem that has arisen. It is very dynamic, and I have to resolve these issues quickly; that’s why working together effectively with my colleagues is so important.”

What is the working environment like?

“The environment is very energetic. There is constant collaboration and we have a great team dynamic. People are always willing to advise and help you if you need mentoring.”

How would you describe the training at Schlumberger?

“Training at Schlumberger isn’t easy, but it helps you to develop the skills that are necessary to succeed. Training also doesn’t end after so many years in the industry. You are encouraged to pursue training throughout your entire career.”

What do you like about the technology that you work with?

“I work with technology that is regularly enhanced, based on customer input. This is very exciting because there is continuous development and innovation.”

What opportunities are there to progress in your career?

“There are many paths that I could take in my career. This all depends on how open I am to trying something new later in my career.”

What advice would you give to someone considering a career at Schlumberger?

“My advice would be to ask your recruiter about his or her career at Schlumberger. Schlumberger recruiters have had diverse career paths and have lots of insight into how you can direct your own career.”