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As a member of the geosciences team, you’ll have the opportunity to work in various seismic-related disciplines including acquisition, processing, and interpretation. We acquire seismic and geophysical data around the world in both land and marine operations. Seismic data is often acquired at the beginning of the exploration process, sometimes in truly remote areas.

As an Acquisition Geophysicist you’ll need an adventurous spirit and ingenuity. Whether you’re half-way up a mountain, waist-deep in a river, scorched in the hot sun, or hundreds of miles from the nearest shore, ensuring timely and accurate surveys is of paramount importance. Our Geophysicists know there are no shortcuts, and they need total dedication to every detail in the process to succeed.

If working in data processing you may also be in the field, preparing data to send to the data center. Or you may be based at one of our data processing centers around the world. There, you’d methodically process for interpretation the vast volumes of data a typical survey generates. You’ll need to keep a cool head to ensure an accurate end result even though you’re often under time pressure.

Data interpretation usually takes place at one of our main centers or with clients in their offices. Geophysicists receive intense training in using our interpretation systems, and with the support of more senior staff, you’ll quickly develop the skills to work independently and gain experience more quickly than you might think.

We are looking for people who are

  • detail oriented
  • comfortable following processes
  • adaptable
  • looking for exposure to a wide range of projects
  • eager to progress quickly
  • effective contributors to a team
  • good communicators
  • adventurous (for field positions).

To apply for a position as Geophysicist, you’ll need a PhD, master’s or bachelor’s in a relevant subject.

Meet Sophie a Field Geophysicist

Take a look at what Sophie gets up to in her role as a Seismic Engineer on the WG Vespucci.

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