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Office-based internships for geoscience and petrotechnical graduates expose you to the operational environment. You’ll assist wherever you can with ongoing projects to ensure they run smoothly and efficiently. These placements, which are for a minimum of three to six months, are available year-round at many of our offices. The minimum educational requirements are completion of second-year undergraduate studies in geology, geophysics, computer science, telecommunications, or engineering.

"I have really enjoyed it here—I have been given a lot of training and there’s a real emphasis on teamwork. There is so much opportunity here—it’s been everything I expected and more!”

Rachel, Geoscience Intern

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Brooke Name: Brooke Position: Software Integrated Solutions Intern
Cathy Name: Cathy Position: Petro Technical Services, Geoscience and Petroleum Engineering Intern
Travis Name: Travis Position: Petro Technical Services, Geosolutions Intern

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